Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Series Incoming!

Hey guys, Huron here again.  Today I want to share withing the background behind and give you a preview of a new series of articles that will be gracing my blog starting next week.  It is called Tuesday Time Capsule!  This past thanks giving while visit my parents I asked them if I could go up to the Attic to see if there was still any of my stuff up there from when I moved out back  in 2004, so 8ish years ago.  I was really looking for my old Magic Card collection to see if I had any old cards still that were worth anything.  However I came across some old miniatures cases, most of which where empty.  However one case... the one pictured below ended up being something of a goldmine.

Inside I found the contents of my old bitz box along with pieces of some fondly remember armies and even some some projects I had totally forgotten about.  Starting next Tuesday I will be sharing with your some of the treasures (and blunders) found within.  Here is a sneak peak:

See you next time!

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