Friday, November 30, 2012

Growing the Brotherhood

Hey guys, Huron here again with another post in what has become Nurgle Week!  So one of the big things I wanted to share was what plans I have for my Death Guard project.  Right now I am sort of in the "wouldn't this be cool" phase and haven't really settled on a specific army list I want to build.  It doesn't help that I have only played 2 games of 40k so far since the release of 6th Edition, but I am sure that will change as the army begins to take shape.

Currently my plans include:

  1. Nurgle Chaos Lord - Complete
  2. 7 Plague Marines w/ Rhino - Primed, rhino need to be built
  3. 7 Plague Marines w/ Rhino - Unassembled
  4. 14 Plague Marines - Need to get my hands on 1 more guy
  5. 28 Chaos Cultists - Unassembled, Need 10 more
  6. 2 Hellbrutes - 1 Needs GS, 1 Unassembled
  7. 2 Defilers - Both need to have some repairs done
  8. Maulerfiend - Need to purchase
  9. 7 Raptors - Primed
  10. 3 FW Blight Drones - Unassembled
I also want to finish painting up the Typhus I have, some Terminators to act as his bodyguard, a Dark Apostal, and 2 big units of plague zombies... But those are all pretty far down on my to do list.  In addition to what I have above, I also wanted to work on Daemon and Traitor Guard Allied forces to go with my Death Guard.  

What I would use as allies for the daemons is mostly painted already, though I could use a new Herald, some more plague bearers (which I own, I just need to paint them up), and a Soulgrinder (same situation as the plague bearers).  For the Traitor Guard, I have all the foot models I could need, a squadron of autocannon Leman Russes, and a heavily converted Demolisher.  Just need to get most of it painted up and add some transports and maybe a squad of rough riders.

Well that is all the plans I have, until we meet again...

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