Monday, November 26, 2012

Return to Nurgle

Hey guys, so I finally have returned somewhat to my roots, or at least the roots of my previous blog, Blood & Blades.  I have slowly been trudging along at a new Deathguard army, which is really in the very earliest of stages.  Below are pics of my new Nurgle Chaos Lord.

This model was created by mixing parts from the Chaos Lord mini from the 6th Edition Starter Box "Dark Vengeance", the Nurgle Champion Head from the Chaos Space Marine Squad Box, the pointing hand and weapon hand from the Nurgle Warhammer Fantasy mounted Lord mini, and 2 Nurglings from the new plastic nurgling swarm kits.

The base was made by Dragon Forge Designs and is from the Ancient Ruins line which can be found Here.

Well that is it for now loyal readers.  Until next time...

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