Wednesday, November 28, 2012

History of the Brotherhood

Hey guys, Huron here again. So I wanted to talk about my new Death Guard army some more.  The army is going to be called the Brothers in Pestilence and for those that haven't been playing against me for the last 10+ years this is going to be the 3rd rendition of my Death Guard.  The first Brothers army was built and painted at the end of 2nd Edition/ Beginning of 3rd Edition from around 1998 til 2002 or so.  It featured a Chaos Lord on a Bike, a few squads of Plague Marines in rhinos, 2 squads of 7 Chaos Marine bikers, some plague bearer daemon packs, and 2 possessed Predators and a possessed Dreadnought.

When 4th Edition was released I decided to rebuild my army using the new plague marine models that were released with it and I converted up a new Chaos Lord in Terminator Armor.  This army had a mix of larger 14 man Plague Marine units, smaller 7 Man units in Rhinos, a Terminator Lord backed up by a 4 man Terminator Squad in a Landraider, and some various other odds and ends.  The pic of the dreadnought below is from that army.

In 5th Edition I decided to break away from Death Guard and built a Red Corsairs army, which is where my Huron or HuronBH moniker comes from (though I started using HuronBH long before I build the army, back in the early days of AOL actually). Of the several Chaos armies I've had over the years, including the 2 mentioned above, the Red Corsairs is the only one I still have (and is sitting at around 10K points including a Baneblade, a Plague Reaper, and a FW Chaos Hellblade Fighter).  At one time or another I have played every major Chaos faction including all the original traitor legions, daemons, and even traitor guard (the last 2 are armies I still own currently though both are in need of a lot of work).

So with the release of 6th Edition I have decided to go back to my beloved Death Guard.  As it happens a few years ago I was able to grab up a lot of 1st and 2nd Edition plague marines that I have had squirreled away waiting for a good time and the motivation to get them painted.  The release of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex was just the bit of inspiration I was waiting for and so now the project is under way.

Well that is it for the history of my army, see you next time...

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