Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Time Capsule #7

 Hey guys and welcome to another Tuesday Time Capsule!

Today I wanted to share with you these old school mins that I found in the Time Capsule Case.

The top mini is actually one of the last few painted example of the basic Chaos Marines from my original Deathguard army.  This army is what started my love affair with Chaos and while not my first attempt at painting was the first army I tried highlighting and shading on.

Below on the left is a Rogue Trader Era Chaos space marine that I got in trade (not my paint job) some time in the past.  I was really happy when I found this mini as I have a bunch of these old school models that I have collected over the years that I wanted to include in my new Chaos Army.  I was however missing a heavy weapons gunner... which I now am not.

And Finally on the right is another old school Rogue Trader era mini with a a broken weapon.  This one is a Nurgle worshipper that has been mutated my Papa Nurgle into a part man/ part fly mutant.  Many of the early chaos marines and warrior and a variety of chaos mutation and armor styles to them, not like the horns, skulls, spikes, and tentacles we see today.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Intro to Dust Warfare! Part 2

Hey guys, Jay here with part 2 of an Intro to Dust Warfare.  Today we are going to talk about the phase of each round and the basic game mechanics.  I am also going to share with you some pics of some of the cool models for Dust Warfare that I own.  In the future I will be posting articles introducing models and units from all 3 of the factions (Yeah I own armies for all 3).  These articles will include pics of the models (sometime including pre-paint, work in progress, and/or finished paint jobs) in my collection.  I will also try to include some battle reports for both Dust Tactics (I will be playing in a 6 week league starting in late January) and Dust Warfare.  Now lets get on with the good stuff.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Time Capsule #6

Hey guys, Huron here, welcome to another Tuesday Time Capsule!

I have a short one for you today.  Below are some Old School Eldar minis that I found in the Time Capsule case.  Many of them are from 2nd and 3rd edition.  Back then Eldar Guardians did not always use Shurken Catapults like they do today.  In fact to you had to pay extra for the catapults, they instead came with las-rifles.

The original plastic guardians, of which all of the weaponless guardians above are from came with a plastic lasgun bit.  However when 3rd Edition rolled around and GW decided to remove las-guns from the eldar list and make them all use Shurken Catapults, GW repackaged the plastic guys with metal Catapult bitz.  If you look closely you can also see a Warlock with Las-pistol, a plastic jetbike pilot, one of the original swooping hawk models, and on the far right the original Dire Avenger Exarch.

That is it for this week, see you next week for more Tuesday Time Capsule.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Time Capsule #5

Hey guys welcome to another Tuesday Time Capsule with your host.... HURON!

This week I want to talk about the minis pictured above.  They are a ragtag group and come from several manufactures and games.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And Hello to 2013!


Welcome to the first post of 2013, here on 24 Hour Gamer Geek!  Yesterday I shared with you the results of the hobby goals I set for myself in 2012, and while I only really completed 2 of my goals last year, I think I can do better in 2013.  

One of the nice things about blogging is that you can go back and look at old posts from years past and see what you were thinking and working on back then, which can sometime give you inspiration to pick up old projects or start new ones.  After writing my 2012 goals completion post yesterday, I decided it might be fun to look back at my old goals completion post from last year and see how things compared to now.  Funny how quick things can change. One big change I forgot to mention in my previous post was the end of my old blog, Blood & Blades and the start of 24 Hour Gamer Geek.  

Funny how things like that can slip your mind.  Back at the end of July I decided to end my previous blog Blood & Blades because I no longer felt the title represented what I was about Hobby wise.  Blood & Blades was started as a place for me to document my work and motivate me to get stuff done.  However it quick changed into a place for me to post battle reports, tourney reports, and track my progress while building my Howling Griffons army.  Then, when I tired of that it documented my progress with multiple other projects and games.  That lead to me start to Podcast with Bill from The Dead Tau Project on Gamers Lounge.  Once GL had gotten going my blogging began to suffer and it has never really reach the level of posting I had in the first to years of Blood & Blades, even after leaving GL.

A number of real life problems have blocked my way the last 2 years or so and have caused me periods of sometimes months at a time where I have been detached and unfocused on anything, let alone Blogging.  However since starting 24 Hour Gamer Geek in August, slowly I have started to crawl back into the Blog-i-sphere and share with you more of my thoughts.  2013 is going to breath new life into my Blogging profile as I continue to expend more times writing Blogs, now that I have begun writing for the WWPD Network and The Paint Dragon as well.  Should be an exciting year!

Here are my goals for 2013 and some commentary on what I am thinking about each one now, at the start of the year:

Tuesday Time Capsule #4

Hey guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Time for another Tuesday Time Capsule!

My head is spinning and I have to work tonight so lets keep this short.  This week lets talk backpacks... Chaos backpacks.  While there are all sort of things in the Time Capsule case to see I thought it interesting the number of chaos marine back packs I found.

These backpacks come for all different time periods too.  The ones still on sprue and a few of the loose ones are from Second Edition 40K while the the plastic ones below them are of a newer vintage.  If you look close you will see a mix of both new and old metal backpacks too, include 2 old raptor jump packs.

Well that is it for today.  Tune in next week for more models and bitz from the past.