Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Time Capsule #5

Hey guys welcome to another Tuesday Time Capsule with your host.... HURON!

This week I want to talk about the minis pictured above.  They are a ragtag group and come from several manufactures and games.

In the top left we have a Samurai mini from Clan War.  Clan War was a miniatures game linked to the Legend of the 5 Rings franchise.  Clan War allowed players to play battle and used characters for armies from the early days of Rokugan, around 100 years before the current time period used by the card game. As a side note there was (is actually) a roleplaying game that is set roughly 1 year before the card game.  Since new fluff and story is developed by what happens during the tournament season for the card game, it gives the roleplay team time to tie the story produced by the card game into new adventures and books.  While I only found 1 samurai hiding in the Time Capsule case, I have a bunch more kicking around that will probably end up showing up in a Saga army in the near future.

The mini in the middle of the top row is a miniature from the now defunct Warzone Miniatures game.  Warzone was a direct competitor to GW back during the days of 2nd and 3rd Edition and featured an early version of the 'you go, I go' rules design that has become so popular today.  While the game had lots of good models and interesting fluff, in the long run it was doom to fail.  This is because as GW models began to improve in quality and the number of plastic kits increase, Warzone stayed all metal (except for some plastic minis in the final version of the starter box years later) and the quality of minis never really improved.

This model in the upper right corner is a Plastic Dark Elf Sorceress from Warhammer Quest (I believe, might be from Heroquest instead).  While many people cut their teeth on Warhammer Quest, my experience with the game was less influential on me (I got in because of the robots and power armor).  I do however have some fond memories of the game, my Dwarf and his party hitting orcs, skeletons, and giant spiders.

The model in the lower left is the rider of the old Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur fig from the early days of Warhammer Fantasy Battles.  I really loved the old school Chaos Dwarf minis and was sad to see GW stop supporting them in 6th Edition Fantasy and excited to see FW release new minis for them a few years ago.  While I never had all that many Chaos Dwarves, I did have some that I used as allies in 3rd and I believe 4th edition Warhammer with my Chaos Warriors army.

And lastly, the model in the bottom right corner is a Blood Bowl Dwarven Berzerker mini.  I find this model hilarious which is probably why I kept it, as except for his beard... he is butt naked!  Blood Bowl is another of those games that many people cut their teeth on and remember fondly that just doesn't rank up for me.  Have played many teams over the years, my dwarves and chaos warriors teams being the most successful, but maybe the fun and excitement of Blood Bowl got all used up for me back when I work for GW. In my shop, I tended to be the one that got to run the Blood Bowl Demos and Blood Bowl is nothing if not complex, making it really difficult to teach to you kids who are really to young for their game and disinterested parents that don't really want to be in the shop trying to learn the game.  However while I am not tempted by the game and cringe every time I hear the name, it has seen a rival recently at Huzzah Hobbies, my local LGS.  There is a group of 6 to 8 players who have a league going on Tuesday nights and while many of them have been playing for years... it is interesting to see that there are several new players that have never played the game before join in on the action.

Well that is it for this week, see you next Tuesday with more Time Capsule goodness. 

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