Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday Time Capsule #4

Hey guys, HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Time for another Tuesday Time Capsule!

My head is spinning and I have to work tonight so lets keep this short.  This week lets talk backpacks... Chaos backpacks.  While there are all sort of things in the Time Capsule case to see I thought it interesting the number of chaos marine back packs I found.

These backpacks come for all different time periods too.  The ones still on sprue and a few of the loose ones are from Second Edition 40K while the the plastic ones below them are of a newer vintage.  If you look close you will see a mix of both new and old metal backpacks too, include 2 old raptor jump packs.

Well that is it for today.  Tune in next week for more models and bitz from the past.

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