Friday, January 31, 2014

Return of 40K...?

For me? No... Probably not.  But I have committed to painting up a 2K Death Guard army this year after how much fun I had painting up my 2500pt Nurgle Chaos Warriors WFB army last year.  To help me along I decided to join with the Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Challenge.  The first half of the year everyone paints up a Zone Mortis 1000pt army and then the second half of the year you upgrade that to a full 2000pt 40k army.  Not terribly hard to do and it kind of keeps me motivated to keep painting up new units, characters, and vehicles.

So long story short I have painted up the first unit of my new Death Guard army.  It is an EX-Imperial Guard Penal Legion Chaos Cultists Squad.  Here is a pic:

Never fear plague fans, my army is of course going to be filled with lots of Plague Marine goodness (and I have some sweet Rouge Trader and 2nd Edition Era one to paint up too), but for now I am working on my compulsory choices for this army.  I already have a nice Chaos Lord painted but need to do a second one for this new army, so in the month of February I am going to be focusing on a second unit of shooty Chaos Cultists and a basic Nurgle Marked Chaos Lord with a Power Axe to lead the army for the IC's Challenge.

More as I have it...

Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Hobby Goals

Hey Guys, here are my Hobby goals for 2014:

1. Paint 300 AP of Dust Warfare, play 8 Games

2. Finish 2000pts of one of the 40k armies I already have

3. Paint 100pts of Warmachine/Hordes plus at least 4 Warcasters/Warlocks, and play 20 games

4. Paint 1500pts of Bolt Action and own no more then 3 different armies at any one time

5. Paint 2500pts of Non Bolt Action 28mm Historical Miniatures

6. Paint and play no more the 4 new games I do not play now

7. Participate in 5 Tournaments or Painting Contests

8. Continue reducing the size of my collection by Selling, Trading, and giving away more models

9. Post 52 blog posts on my personal blog (link in sig)

10. Keep a record of my total models painted in 2014

2013 was a big success for me hobby wise.  This year I have toned it down a bit (still lots of models to paint, but less multi-part goals).

Over the next few weeks I will be doing a series of posts explain my thought process behind each of my goals and what my current plans to complete each of them are (for now).

More as I have it...

Monday, January 6, 2014

Finally a free day: 2013 in Review

Wow the start of 2014 has been rough. I have been drunk, sick, working, sick, working, visiting family, sick, and out of town. All in the first 6 days of 2014.  But that is not important now, lets do a Year in Review for 2013.

At the start of 2013 I set up 10 goals (some with multiple parts and added a 11th which was my Total Painted Model count for the year) for myself to try to complete.  They were ambitious and while I did not complete all of them, they did push me much harder hobby wise this year than I have been in a while, and also allowed me to complete several armies  

Lets look at those 10 (11) goals one at a time and see how I did: (Green is complete, Yellow is incomplete but satisfactory, Red is a fail, and Blue is sold/incomplete-able)