Friday, January 31, 2014

Return of 40K...?

For me? No... Probably not.  But I have committed to painting up a 2K Death Guard army this year after how much fun I had painting up my 2500pt Nurgle Chaos Warriors WFB army last year.  To help me along I decided to join with the Independent Characters 2014 Hobby Challenge.  The first half of the year everyone paints up a Zone Mortis 1000pt army and then the second half of the year you upgrade that to a full 2000pt 40k army.  Not terribly hard to do and it kind of keeps me motivated to keep painting up new units, characters, and vehicles.

So long story short I have painted up the first unit of my new Death Guard army.  It is an EX-Imperial Guard Penal Legion Chaos Cultists Squad.  Here is a pic:

Never fear plague fans, my army is of course going to be filled with lots of Plague Marine goodness (and I have some sweet Rouge Trader and 2nd Edition Era one to paint up too), but for now I am working on my compulsory choices for this army.  I already have a nice Chaos Lord painted but need to do a second one for this new army, so in the month of February I am going to be focusing on a second unit of shooty Chaos Cultists and a basic Nurgle Marked Chaos Lord with a Power Axe to lead the army for the IC's Challenge.

More as I have it...

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