Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Time Capsule #7

 Hey guys and welcome to another Tuesday Time Capsule!

Today I wanted to share with you these old school mins that I found in the Time Capsule Case.

The top mini is actually one of the last few painted example of the basic Chaos Marines from my original Deathguard army.  This army is what started my love affair with Chaos and while not my first attempt at painting was the first army I tried highlighting and shading on.

Below on the left is a Rogue Trader Era Chaos space marine that I got in trade (not my paint job) some time in the past.  I was really happy when I found this mini as I have a bunch of these old school models that I have collected over the years that I wanted to include in my new Chaos Army.  I was however missing a heavy weapons gunner... which I now am not.

And Finally on the right is another old school Rogue Trader era mini with a a broken weapon.  This one is a Nurgle worshipper that has been mutated my Papa Nurgle into a part man/ part fly mutant.  Many of the early chaos marines and warrior and a variety of chaos mutation and armor styles to them, not like the horns, skulls, spikes, and tentacles we see today.

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