Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Time Capsule #2

Hey guys, Huron here again.  Time for another Tuesday Time Capsule!

This week I thought I would share some Old School Chaos vehicles I found kicking around the Time Capsule case.  Starting off we have some Old School Rhinos all jazzed up and the turret from a Leman Russ battle tank that I converted into a Predator Tank for my original Death Guard army.

While I am not sure what the primed black rhino on the left was for, I am sure it was used in several of the myriad of unpaint or half painted chaos armies I built and rebuilt through out much of 3rd and 4th edition.  These armies were reform and changes daily sometimes being tweak and retweaked to cover all the different gods and traitor chapters.

The purple metallic rhino (and the bronze bits in front of it) however is from an old army I am very familiar with.  I thought everything for that army long gone and either stripped or sold but not forgotten.  Back in 2000 GW put out some metal robed Dark Angel minis that I just loved.  So much so I decided to build a Fallen Dark Angels army centered around a special Character called Cypher (A bit of 40k fluff and an old special character that I still have a soft spot in my heart for to this day) using 99% those minis.  The 2001 40k GT was coming up and I decide it would be a good idea to paint this army up to play in the tournament.

However a month before the GT, the first Liber Chaotica article appeared in the pages of White Dwarf detailing the back story and special rules on how to play a themed Emperor's Children army complete with Noise Marines and Slaanesh only wargear.  For some reason, I am not totally sure now why, I decided to mix and match the Fallen Dark Angels fluff with the new Emperor's Children rules and take a Fallen Angels of Slaanesh list to the 2001 GT. All of my tanks and non robed Dark Angels troops suddenly needed to look Slaaneshi, so out came the Purple Wash and Amethyst Purple GW paint pot I still had from the early 90s and away I went.

While I didn't do so well at the GT I did have a blast and it encouraged me to start regularly playing in increasingly more RTTs (Rogue Trade Tournaments) in my area and the National GTs held at the time by GW.  It was at one of these RTTs, held at the now closed GW Battle Bunker in Glen Burnie that this army saw it's demise.  Between rounds I put the army on top of my minis case and put it in a chair and had gone to get a snack.  I had hurt my back the previous week so wasn't in the best of mood but was still managing to have a good time (including doing a Grimlock impression saying "You can't hurt me, I is Invincible" everytime my opponent rolled to wound my models... all day, which sounds annoying as hell right now but back then got lots of laughs).  As the next rounds are posted a kid comes running out of the nearby bathroom to find out his new opponent, runs right into the chair the case is on, and sends the army crashing to the floor.

Ever single infantry models broke, some in multiple pieces.  Several models were completely unsalvageable having snapped in places at the time I did not have the skills to fix and paint was chipped everywhere.  It was a mess.  Now I could and probably should have gotten angry.  My back was hurting, there wasn't enough space, my army was wretch but for some reason I didn't.  I brushed it off, picked up the pieces (the ones I could find), and told the kid to be more careful next time.  Some how... I won Best Sportsman at the tournament.  The first of many Best of awards I would win at a number of the local RTTs I continued to goto after that.

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