Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday Time Capsule #3

Hey guys, Huron here... Welcome to another Tuesday Time Caspule post!

This week I will be talking about a game near and dear to many of our hearts and which you can still find played occasional even though GW no longer supports it.  I am sure you have guessed it from the pic below... NECROMUNDA!

As it turns out I did not find all that much for necromunda, actually just an old bulkhead, a horribly converted and broken Cawdor Heavy Weapons ganger, and a chainsaw bit as pictured below:

It was enough however to bring back many fond memories (really what this series is about) of my Cawdor gang being mauled my Goliaths only to then in return maul the Orlocks after that.  Of Redemptionists burning and Spyres hunting and all the excitement and heartbreak that Necromunda brought to the table.  I still have somewhere a Hardback compilation of all of the Necromunda Rules, Expansions, and Fanatic articles collected as a compendium. When the new Chaos Cultist models were released my first though set my mind a flame with ideas using them as a Chaos Worshiping Necromunda gang.  While I doubt you will ever see me taking part in a Necromunda revival... it could happen.

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