Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Time Capsule #1

Hey, Huron here bringing you a taste of my mini gaming past!

For the first Tuesday Time Capsule I thought I should share with you the most startling discovery I made when opening up the Time Capsule case.  I have long believed that my first Historical Mini Gaming experience was with Flames of War.  I originally picked up some Flames of War Russians back when the game was first becoming popular but ended up selling them off pretty quickly to a friend as the scale was pretty daunting to me.  Then when Huzzah Hobbies, my now LGS, opened up near me I gave the game a second look (Thanks to the store owner Chris who is an avid historicals fan).  This lead me down the slippery slope of Historical gaming where I now find myself with armies for Flames of War, Saga, Bolt Action, DBA, WAB, War & Conquest, etc.  I am even looking at building some 28mm Civil War Union and Rebel Troops for some Gettysburg (150 anniversary of the battle in 2013) refight scenarios, but that is something I will get into another time.

Back on track, so I though Flames of War was my first experience... But I was wrong.  When I opened the case the first thing that caught my eye (after the old school rhino painted metallic purple, more on that next time) was a 28mm WW2 US Infantrymen sitting amongst  the piles of fantasy and scifi minis.  After digging through the box this is what I found:

A whole Horde of US 28mm Infantry.  There are enough models here that with a bit of work and a few more things added in I should be able to put together a decent sized Bolt Action force with little trouble.  I have done some research to try to figure out from what company these miniatures are from, but as of yet I have not been able to identify them.

For some reason the name Black Tree or Dark Sword sticks in my mind as to a possible manufacturer, but I am unsure at this time.  Some of the minis have (c) DJ or (c) DE on the bottom of them but I think these are just sculptor marks and do not refer to the company that manufactured them.

They are very nice miniatures though and besides a plethora of grunts with a mix of rifles or smgs I seem to have several officers, MGs, the crew for a mortar team (but no mortar), and even a Bazooka Team.

This alone made rescuing the Time Capsule case in the attic worth it.

See you next week for another Tuesday Time Capsule! experience.

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