Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mmmhmmm... Relic Cra... Knights

Hey guys, Jay here again and today I would like to talk about Relic Knights, a somewhat new anime themed Scifi Skirmish game beginning released fully next year from the makers of Super Dungeon Explore, Soda Pop Miniatures and Cool Mini or Not..

The reason I say it is a somewhat new game is that several of the models have been around for several years in resin and metal and their has been a basic set of rules kicking round since Gencon of 2011.  However this past Sunday saw the end of a month long Kick Starter initiative to bring the game to a wider audience with all new plastic minis and expanded and enhanced game play.  The Kick Starter raise just over 900K and allowed those who pledge to get in on the ground floor of a great new game at a fairly low price point.

The average $50 pledge nets you:

 - 1 Relic Knight (Leader on Giant Mecha or robot on 50 or 80mm base) & Cypher (small magical companion)
 - 1 Questing Knight (Less leader on 30-40mm base) & Cypher
 - 6-10 Basic Minions, on 30-40mm bases
 - 2-4 Elite Minions on 30-50mm bases
 - 1 Unique Character models on a 30-50mm Base
 - Casino Quality Esper Deck (42 cards used to power actions and abilities in the game)
 - Stat Cards for all models included
 - Plastic Token Set for your faction
 - Play mat for cards (think large mouse pad)

Pledge $100 and get your choice of everything above but for 2 factions, a hardback rulebook, an electronic copy of a 24 page Manga featuring the characters from Relic Knights, 14 Boost Tokens (boost are upgrades for your models that you can buy for 1-2pts each that enhance the models abilities or those models within an area around it), and 2 Limited Edition Alternate sculpts.

Now like all recent gaming Kick Starters their were plenty of stretch goals that added more figs plus add ons that you could purchase featuring things like more models, a play mat, or additional LE Minis.  You could either add funds to your pledge or at certain levels trade in models from you pledge in exchange for a certain amount of credit towards add ons.

I ended up going in with 2 friends and pledging at the 4 faction level.  Each of my friends pledged for 1 starter (and one gave me a bit more to get him a hardback rulebook) while I got 2 factions and a hardback rulebook.  I also chipped in a bit extra to guarantee I'd be able to get these two add on models:

They are so cool. As it turns out in around 60 days CMON will be posting up a link to a pledge tracker that will allow us to define exactly what we want with out pledge amount.  At that time, we will also be able to additional models to our existing pledge for an added feel.  I will probably adding around $100 of extra model to my pledge at that time.

 In a future post I will talk about what game play is like and the 6 different factions that were featured as part of the Kick Starter program.  I will say this much that I like the game so much I went out and applied to be a member of the Legion, CMON's Demo and Tournament organization crew for the games they support and was approved a few days later.

Until next time.

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