Friday, September 21, 2012

Relic Knights: Black Diamond

What is Black Diamond? A technologically advanced Mercenary Organization that will sell it's services to the highest bidder.  The only way to make sure your enemies don't hire Black Diamond is to hire them yourself and hope your enemies don't offer them more money.  The forces of Black Diamond are currently lead by One Shot, the female pilot of a large relic walker armed with a huge Sniper Rifle.  Watch out for her and the hordes of Black Diamond Corpsmen sure to be supporting her, their Concentrated Fire ability can take down event the toughest of targets.  They are supported by a M8-Blitz Auto Tank which is immune to psychic attacks and can pump out damage from it's cannon in a steady stream.

Supporting One Shot is the Questing Knight Leopold Magnus.  Magnus is a master of psychic manipulation, something the rest of the faction as we know it so far struggles with.  Supported my Spite, his Cypher, Magnus is a force to be feared and is an equal match for the Noh Empire's Zineda and the mighty psychics of the Doctrine. Each player must take either a Relic Knight or a Questing Knight to lead their factions into battle.

Strange and mysterious Suspect 7 is an assassin who has the ability to be many places all at once.  While her victims have no idea how she is able to accomplish this feat some say they are sisters all trained to fight and act alike.  Some say they are clones or even women who have been altered to appear the same. However in the darkest corners their is a rumor each copy of this mysterious women is from a different dimension, each brought here by an artifact given to the original from our dimensions in exchange for sparing the life of a target.  No one knows the truth, only that if you see one of them you should run for your life... if you see more then one of them, then you are already dead.

The Diamondback is a feat of advanced technology seen no where else on any other battlefield.  This giant mecha flies using a powerful rocket pack and cuts down it's victims using an axe with a blade made of pure energy.  Towering over most enemies one of these machines is terrifying, facing 2 or more is an absolute nightmare.

The Breaker Teams are formed from the most deadly and accurate of marksmen from the Black Diamond's Corpsmen.  These teams bring their powerful weapons to bearer against their clients enemies, insuring not even the most heavily armored targets are safe.

Black Diamond is one of there factions I am current likely to play.  The other two, Doctrine and Shattered Swords (descriptions coming soon) are both part of the prismatic or good side of the six factions but I so love being the hated bad guy.  Also mecha and high levels of scifi technology is my first love when it comes to Anime, so fielding Magnus in his powered armor (and from rumors cybernetic limbs such as his double jointed legs), 2 Diamondbacks, and maybe a few of Black Diamonds other Power Armored units will probably be the way I go... instead of the hordes of combined firing infantry that the starter is likely to come with.

2 factions down, 4 factions to go.  Until next time.

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