Friday, September 14, 2012

Relic Knights: The Noh Empire

Who are the Noh Empire?  Fearsome demonic extra dimensional raiders and conquerors seeking to pillage and enslave the entire universe.  The Noh use brute force, terror, and fearsome advances to quickly engage with the enemy and break their lines.  Kasaro To, the Demon upon the giant Mechanical Chinese Lion pictured above is the Relic Knight charged by his fearsome hydra god to lead the conquest into the known universe and conquer all in his path. Accompanied by Azi, his personal cypher that links him to the currents of Esper Magic that flow throughout the universe, Kasaro To leads the hordes of his Demonic followers to battle.

Supporting Kasaro To and his legion of minions is Zineda, a powerful Noh Sorceress and Questing Knight.  She and Spite, her cypher, lend their psychic arts to the armies of the Noh Empire.  Each player must take either a Relic Knight or Questing Knight to leader their factions into battle.

Marikan To is the leader of the Scouting forces assigned to Kasaro To's army.  A master with her bow that shoots precises shots of energy sowing confusion in the enemy ranks, Marikan is not some to be trifled with.  Marikan is a unique character that can be included in a Noh Army.

Swift and deadly, the beastmaster and is pack of Agha hounds strike at the enemy, disrupting their plans and forcing the enemy to engage with their snapping jaws.  Players can field multiples of both the Beastmaster and the Agha hounds if you have enough points to do so. The Linked ability lets a beastmaster activate an Agha hound immediately after he finishes his activation.

The Noh Empire was the original faction I wanted to play the most before we got a sneak peak of the rules.  The models we have seen so far look absolutely fantastic and there is just something cool about fielding an army of Oni on the battlefield.  However, after the rules sneak peak was released, I found that their play style didn't jive as well as what I had hoped for a game like Relic Knights that embrace a strong anime and manga feel, both of which are styles I dearly love.

Stay tuned as in the near future I will be discussing the other 5 factions previewed in the RK Kick Starter.

Until next time. 

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