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Back in January I set 7 Hobbies goals for myself.  I have been keeping track of my progress on each of them in a list in the right column of my old blog Blood & Blades, and I will continue to do the same now... as you can see to the right.  However I haven't really talked about them in real detail since the original post.

I thought it would be a good time to do a mid year (well mid and a bit) status update on exactly where I am with each and maybe share some photos of a few of them.

GOAL 1: Paint 2,000 Points of Warhammer 40,000 and play 10 games in 2012

Life is weird, you go into a year expecting to follow one path and then only a little bit later find yourself following a completely different one (a bit like watching videos on Youtube).  At the top of this year I had convinced myself that this year I was going to finish painting a new 2000pt 40k army. most likely either Blood Angels or Grey Knights, take them to Adepticon, and be ready for 6th Edition when it was released this summer.  Funny how things work out.  I  failed to get either army painted for Adepticon, or even to go to Adepticon.  My Grey Knights were sold on Ebay last month and my Blood Angels army is slowly having that which can be converted over to Flesh Tearers converted and the rest prepared for the next round of Ebay auctions.

That said, I do have 765pts of nearly finished Flesh Tearers kicking around (including an Aegis Defense Line) waiting to be finished.  All I need is the Brass Etched and FW Flesh Tearers decal sheets that I ordered in the middle of June to show up, which will hopefully any day now.  Here are some pics of where I am with them.

All of the above are mostly done.  Just need to add decals to the marines, add brass etched to the Stormraven, do a bit more highlighting on the black and then some weathering on both the marines and Stormraven, and tweak the Aegis Defense Line a bit.

GOAL 2: Paint 100pts of Warmachine and Play 20 Games Mission Complete!

Warmachine and Hordes was just starting to be played regularly at Huzzah back in January, thanks in a big part to James finding the Minions Gatorman army going full bore into painting and playing it. I wanted to really push myself and try to get a good amount of Warmachine painting and playing in, in 2012.  This goal has been met and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.  You may notice that my current paint total is 125 points out of 123 points when I only set myself the goal of painting 100pts this year.  Well the reason the goal number has risen to 123 points is because Warcasters in Warmachine cost zero points.Instead they add addition "free" Warjack points to your list (warbeast points in the case of Hordes) and since my paint system is based on the actual game points I needed to find a way to reward myself for painting new Warcasters while also having the bonus points reflected in the score.  

So I decided that I would price each warcaster at a number of points equal to the number of bonus points each warcaster added to their army, but would also extend the total amount of points need to be painted my that amount as well.  So far I have managed to paint 4 Warcaster Models (pIrusk, pButcher, pKreoss, and pFeora) who have a total of 23 Warjack bonus points between them. As for right now, I have only painted models for my Khador and Menoth Warmachine Armies so far this year of which pics can be found of what I have paint so far for both of them below.

I have also managed to play as of last Friday, 40 games of Warmachine so far this year. That is double the amount I had targeted.  I feel I will easily be able to reach triple the number of games I targeted or more before the end of the year as Warmachine and Hordes is going strong in my neck of the woods with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

I have rambled on long enough for this post.  Check back again as I continue the review of my 2012 gaming goals and where I am on them now 8 months in to 2012.

-Sub Lesser Management

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