Monday, August 6, 2012

A New Beginning...

Hey guys and welcome to my new Blog, 24 Hour Gaming Geek.  This blog has been in planning for a while and I finally found some time this weekend (while recovering from a great Friday night!) to finally get it all put together.  So lets get too it, lots of stuff to talk about.


So why exactly am I starting a new blog?  Well that is a good question.  In the past I have always favored putting everything in one place.  When I wanted to go in a new direction or talk about something else I would just throw it up on my old Blog Blood & Blades, as it kept everything all in one place.  I have even recommend to others just to tweak their old blogs and modify them instead of starting all new ones.  So what drove me to chose a fresh start instead of just re-formatting and going from their?

One of the big deciders was that I have been feeling that the name, Blood & Blades, does not really define my gaming/hobby/interests any longer.  When I first started Blood & Blades, I was knee deep in a variety of GW games, wasn't really playing Warmachine anymore, hadn't heard of Malifaux, never played more then a game or two of any historical game, had not met Bill yet, and was only slight aware that podcasting even existed.  At the time I felt that the name Blood & Blades would cover all my bases and describe my hobby as needed.  Of course my blog also started out as a place to post bad pictures of the models I was working on and my own personal niche I could carve out in peace and not have to deal with Forum Trolls flaming me and discouraging my hobby.  At that time I never dreamed it would lead to me meeting so many amazing people, my breaking into youtube and posting tutorials and battle reports, and eventually to the Gamers Lounge Podcast and beyond.

But it did, and after moving to Ashburn and Huzzah Hobbies opening practically in my backyard, my gaming horizons where broadened and I began meeting and gaming with those that I now consider my closest friends. Blood & Blades helped bring a lot of good to my life, and thank you to all those who werea part of that, but it is time to bring my blogging up to speed with the changes to my life.  While wargaming will always be a big chunk of what I talk about, I need a place where I can discuss other things too.  It would be a great disservice to my readers, who I suspect enjoy a wide variety of the same sort of things that I do, not to share when I find a great new show on netflix (already have my first few suggestions queued up), youtube video, or Anime serie streaming free online.  Maybe some time I will want to share a hot tip on a new Restaurant I have found, or a recipe I tried (bet you didn't know that I like to cook), or want to discuss my new favorite Wine or Beer.  Maybe I want to talk Spaceships, or Mecha, or about my top 10 favorite video games of all time.

Blood & Blades just doesn't cover those sorts of things, so 24 Hour Gaming Geek was born.  


24 Hour Gaming Geek is bringing several small changes to how I do things.  First up, I should warn you that any topic is fair game (and all brought to you from my personal gamer geek perspective).  Topics that are important to me, topics that annoy me, or even things I find silly (like the recent Chick-fil-a hubbub)  when you apply a bit of common sense to them... are all fair game. 

Secondly, how I organize things is going to change drastically.  Instead of the haphazard labeling system I used previously every post will have a defined label or two and you will be able to find all the topics that relate to that label in the Category link list found in the column to the right.  I will add new labels as they come about, but the ones there now are the mostly likely to see regular postings.

Lastly my blog roll has been shortened considerably and now only includes blogs of friends and the few blogs I read most often.  Never fear if you don't see you blog in there, I am still subscribed to over 100 different blogs and read through them all using Blogger's Reader every few days.  If you think your blog should be added to the roll, hit me up and I will get it added.

Well that is it for now.  Stay tuned for more varied content in the future.

-Sub Lesser Management

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