Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Workbench

Sigh, what a difference a week can make.  Last week on Wednesday Workbench I talked about finishing up some Khador models I had kicking around mostly finished and then talked about starting into some models for my IK RPG game.  Oh how plans change.

In the last 7 days I:

  • Took on a commission for 28 Skorne minis in exchange for 2 boxes of the new plastic Winterguard and a new plastic Retribution of Scyrah (Ret) Battle Box.
  • Knocked out the first 3 models of above Skorne commission in 2 days, Titans Bronzeback, Gladitator, and Tiberion (Character Gladiator).  Then had severe painters block for the last 4 days
  • Purchased a few Ret models to bring the list up to 15pts
  • Sold a crap ton of miniatures at the Huzzah Hobbies Swapmeet Sunday 2/24, and made $700 in store credit in the process.  I proceed to spend $150 of credit on stuff for me and walked away with a Battlefoam Warmachine Bag (Empty), the board game Eclipse+Expansion, Some additional Ret minis, a bunch more Dust Tactics/Warfare SSU minis, and a few books.
  • I also had a second commission project come in (with no deadline) for some Bolt Action German Stuff.  30 guys and 2 Vehicles.
  • Sunday night I felt inspired by Ret (deciding that I wanted to play them in the new PP League starting up on Tuesday) and got to work blocking out the now 27pts worth of Ret stuff I owned.  All together I am unhappy with what I have done so far (See Below), but it could turn out okay.
  • Monday was just a bad day all around
  • Tuesday I headed to Huzzah around 3 and got in 2 games of Warmachine in the new league, managing to be the first to achieve one of the 6 once per league achievements (called Schematics, league is Machinations: Umbra), by doing 36pts of damage to a Swamp Horror killing it in one got.  I had popped eScorscha's Feat that doubles all damage over the armor stat.  The Spriggan which is P+S 18 was rolling dice +1 on a charge and rolled a 17.
  • I also picked up some more Ret and Khador minis I had ordered that came in.  Still waiting on a few more things for Ret and then I am done buying models them for a while. I also got a a few foam trays for my Battlefoam Warmachine bag, but I still need to order a few more.
  • Today I am supposed to play a 100pt game of Warmachine.  Khador vs Retribution.  It is the first time I will have played a game this large in Mk2.

Ret New Plastic Battlebox 

Solos I owned as of Sunday (using the Mage Hunter UA as Eiryss for the time being)

Mostly finished Dawnguard Invictor test mini

Dawnguard Invictors unit progress

Additional Ret stuff purchased today (using credit)

Khador stuff purchased today (plus 2 boxes of plastic Winterguard I got in trade for commission work)

I already delivered the Titans to my client (but they still need basing, will do everything at once when I am done).  Once the commission is complete I will get some pics of it and post them here.  I also owe you guys pics of the 35pt list I finished last Tuesday for the end of the Journeyman league.

This week I am hoping to make a large dent in the Skorne commission project I have running and get the Ret Battlebox, the Invictors, and a few of the Khador minis I had kicking around finished up.

See you guys next time.

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