Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Journeyman & Feat of Service

Hey guys, how is it going?  So I started a project recently that I want to share with you today.  My local Warmachine & Hordes group, the Beerthralls, recently started up a Journeyman League at the LGS I work at, Huzzah Hobbies.  It sounded like fun so I signed on expecting to work on the next section of my 2014 Retribution of Scyrah army project.  Well the day of the kick off, one of the Beerthralls called out a challenge to all the members brave enough to accept.  Hardcore Journeyman.

In Hardcore Journeyman, first you roll a D6.  1-3 you are playing Warmachine. 4-6 you are playing Hordes. Then you roll a D10 for the army you will be playing for Warmachine or a D6 if you are playing Hordes. Reroll if you already own models for this faction. Then you roll for a random warcaster or warlock from within the faction.  Feeling brave I agreed and rolled up Warmachine, 4 Star Syndicate, General Ossrum.

WWWWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! (Not Waaugh!)

Ossrum is a great warcaster when playing the Searforge Contract as his feat is specific to friendly Searforge models.  However, fielding him leading a 4 Star army would mean I get none of the Searforge benefits and all of the Searforge drawbacks.  Not dissuaded I jumped in, bought Ossrum and all the Rhulic warjacks at the shop and dove head first into the project.

This is where I am so far:

And another shot of the Grundback Blaster from another angle.

In addition to the above models, I own for the army:

  • Gorten Grundback
  • Grundback Gunner
  • Grundback Gunner/Blaster (It can be either)
  • Ghordson Driller
  • Ghordson Avalancher (Ordered)
  • Thor Steinhammer 
  • Lord Rockbottom (Ordered)
  • 10 Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps + Unit Attachment
  • Herne & Jonne
  • Tactical Arcanist Corps
As it so happens the Nova Nomads, another local Warmachine & Hordes group in Northern Virginia will be hosting a charity event to support the Wounded Warrior Project at Huzzah Hobbies on June 7, 2014. Full details below:

1st Annual Nova Nomads
Feat of Service
To Benefit the Wounded Warrior Project
FB: Search for "Feat of Service"

To help with their effort, I will be donating the completed army I am painting for the Journeyman to the Nomads to auction off at the event with all proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Stay tuned as I will be posting more pics here as I finish additional models for the project.  Click on the Feat of Service link on the right to see all post involving this project.

See you next time.

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